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Traffic Control Flow Plate Systems

Our traffic control flow plate system can be a powerful deterrent against driving/riding in the wrong direction of a flow of traffic and can be used for security for car parks, hospitals, etc. where only a one-way system is required.

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  • speedometer

    Cut Speed

    Surface mounted traffic control plate reduces the speed of traffic with its speed ramp design aided with appropriate MOT signs. 

  • transfer

    Control Direction

    Surface mounted one-way traffic control plate, which includes a set of five 25mm polyethylene spikes, lets access in one direction while preventing access in the other direction. (Traffic control powered by magnets) no loss of power and no springs to break.

  • traffic-jam

    Safe Traffic Management

    You can install a surface-mounted one-way traffic control system in your car park or other premises to manage the flow of traffic where you want to reduce congestion by opening a specific route for vehicles. Driving/riding in the wrong direction may lead tyres to deteriorate, so the appropriate MOT signage should be installed. 

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