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Our Terms & Conditions

A1 Traffic Control is the go-to place for all your traffic management needs. We offer new A1490 magnet-powered traffic control plate systems at very competitive prices. Based in Great Billing, we serve customers across the UK. You can check our terms and conditions below for more information on our products.
Be informed that the terms and conditions below do not affect your statutory rights. No client need to sign to state that they have accepted these terms and conditions to apply. If a client allows the work to begin and makes an initial payment, it will be deemed that the client has accepted all these terms and conditions in full.

1. Terms of payment
The company holds the right to request payment prior to delivery either by 'Proforma' invoice or in cash in delivery unless the customer has already held an account with the company, whereby payment needs to be done no later than the last day of the month in which invoice is made. If the payment is not completed within the terms and conditions on two consecutive occasions, it will lead to the closing of the account. Any further transactions have to be done only in cash.

2. Passing of the title
The property in the goods shall be passed to the buyer upon the receipt of the payment made (in full).

3. Passing of risk
Risk in the goods shall be passed to the buyer at the point of delivery.

4. Non-compliance with specification
The company will replace or refund money for any products which do not adhere to specifications. To do so, the buyer should give immediate notice to the company and the company should be able to afford the replacement and have enough opportunity to inspect the product that was complained about and compare it with the company's sample.

5. Delivery
The company shall make its best effort to meet its delivery assurance (6 to 10 working days) but the failure of meeting the delivery date shall not be deemed as non-compliance with the contract even though it was agreed to deliver the products before or on the delivery date. In no conditions, shall the company be responsible for any delay in delivery and shall not be responsible for the consequential loss that would occur to the customer. Should expedited delivery be agreed upon, the customer may need to pay additional charges.

Claim for damage in movement, shortage of delivery, or loss of goods will be entertained only when:
(I) a notice in writing is sent to the carrier and to "The Company" within 3 days of receipt of the goods about the incident
(II) a notice in writing is sent to "The Company" within 10 days from the recommended dispatch date. In this case, the company shall not be responsible for the outcome of any loss or damage caused by delay in delivery or performance and shall remain qualified to receive payment of all invoices in full. Delivery of work shall be agreed upon when tendered or if earlier on the notification that confirms the work has been delivered. "The Company" holds the right to refuse delivery if the circumstance is deemed inappropriate and the customer shall not be eligible to demand delivery if payment has not been completed. The company may charge the customer additional costs if express delivery is agreed upon.

6. Force majeure
While the company does its best to deliver every order within the specified period, the company cannot be liable for any failure or delay in the completion of the contract if the actions performed to complete the contract are prevented by circumstances of any nature outside the company's direct control.

7. Transport costs
If the company hires a contract carrier to deliver goods, the cost needs to be borne by the purchaser. (This will be only done upon the consent of the purchaser).

8. Legal construction
The contract shall, in all respects, operate and be understood, as an English contract in compliance with English law.

Special terms for Tyre Deflator

Tyre deflator is designed to deflate tyres. It is a dangerous product and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the suitable M.O.T. signage is installed which is visible throughout the day showcasing the consequences of driving over the tyre deflator in the wrong direction. Since this product is hazardous to pedestrians, enough screening of the area needs to be done to avoid contact with the tyre deflator. We hereby declare that as manufacturers we are not accountable for any injury to persons or vehicles caused by this product regardless of direction.

We strongly recommend that this product is monitored throughout the use because if a vehicle does go over the tyre deflator in the opposite direction, the deflator may cause damage to persons or the property and it may invite deliberate vandalism by the perpetrator to the product. If vandalism does occur, the affected deflator must be replaced as soon as the incident took place as there is a possibility a vehicle going in the right direction may also invite damage. This could also occur if debris is trapped or allowed to accumulate under the spike, so it is advised that regular maintenance is carried out to eliminate any obstructions that may occur. You can decide the frequency of the maintenance program depending on the site and weather conditions. However, constant monitoring is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Available in two types:
1. Has a maximum dB reading of 72.
2. Has a maximum dB reading of 61.
Both types have been tested as follows-
Sound test option 1
Standard flow plate.
Average base reading of environment (55 dB) This may vary on location.
Diesel vehicle running at 5 mph at a distance of 6 metres (61 dB).
Max dB reading of vehicle running overflow plate at 5 mph at a distance of 6 metres (72 dB).
Sound test option 2
Fitted with sound-reducing pads (additional cost will be charged).
Average base reading of environment (55 dB).
Diesel vehicle running at 5 mph at a distance of 6 metres (61 dB).
Max db reading of vehicle running overflow plate at 5 mph at a distance of 6 metres (61 dB).
The primary use of this product is to reduce the need for maintenance. The maintenance of the product depends on the conditions of operation and the amount of debris collected. Here debris can be referred to as sand, dust, snow, leaves, etc.
When a large amount of debris collected, a maintenance program is requisite to clear the obstructing items. The debris can be cleared by hand or compressed air, jet wash and other suitable equipment. 
We deliver fully assembled products that are ready to implement and use by customers. Please note we are based in Northampton but can serve customers anywhere in the country and the UK. 

Yes, we sell products in the UK and across the world. 

Carriage charges would depend on the delivery address, postcode, and quantity required.

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